February 6, 2017

Modern baths for patients

Modern baths for patients. TECE provides barrier-free comfort at the Franziskus Hospital. The Franziskus Hospital in Bielefeld (Germany) presents itself as a modern and future-oriented center, including high-level equipment. For example, TECE shower trays have been installed in the bathrooms. Unmatched medical care, nursing and pastoral work are the top priority at the Franziskus Hospital. Medical care has a personal touch at this university hospital affiliated with Hannover Medical School. A real challenge for the hospital which, with its 380 beds, is among the most efficient institutions in Bielefeld and its surroundings.

Its services have been certified according to DIN ISO 9001 since 2000. In the highly competitive health market, hospitals are required to meet high standards and offer added value. Critical criteria, apart from medical care, are the environment and comfort. How accessibility is optimized: the straight design of the TECEdrainline is particularly suitable for wheelchair access. The hospital council therefore decided in favor of a general reform: a reconstruction and modernization of the reinforced concrete building has been in process for the last five years.11

To reconcile construction work with the operation of the hospital, the 15 sections of the hospital have been modernized one by one. Special attention has been paid to the sanitary facilities, with state-of-the-art bathrooms for patients, with practical equipment and excellent comfort for the shower according to the latest technical standards. The installation of walk-in showers without barriers was designed to provide maximum independence, even for disabled patients.

A solution was sought that suited the great variety of architectural requirements and structural conditions. The Franziskus Hospital chose the shower channels TECEdrainline: 30 angled channels and 30 straight channels (90 cm each) were installed. The Steel II grille appears to be useful and suitable for long-term continuous use. Many positive aspects in the toilets of the “little convent”. The shower channels were installed near the wall, with no partitions. Another advantage to improving freedom of movement in toilet designs for disabled patients and wheelchair users. click here for more details. Those who are the weakest and need the most intensive care are the ones who benefit most from this. Access is easy even with a portable shower seat, and the nursing staff is able to groom patients completely there. Hygiene also plays a vital role in the functionality: to clean TECE shower channels simply lift the grid and let the water flow through the channel! This practical approach is also in line with the philosophy of the “little convent”. Thus, TECEdrainline achieves high quality standards in all aspects.

The latest legal review also shows how TECE has distinguished itself as an ideal partner: following a comprehensive combined study with sealing systems composed of many well-known brands, TECE shower channels have been certified. Products with the milti-standard Seal System seal have also been used at the Franziskus Hospital in Bielefeld.