January 27, 2017

How to ensure the safety of your patients’ private data

Always ensure maximum security of personal data or clinical data of patients is essential to any clinic or medical center. It is important that when implement a software for clinical ensure at all times that both data security are managed in the most professional manner.

Have a good  medical software  can provide great benefits to both medical professionals and health centers in the area of clinical management , but security and confidentiality are sensitive issues that need careful at all times, so it is advisable to rely on an expert tool Is adapted to the operation of clinics and independent physicians, a tool that guarantees patients the greatest security 24 hours a day.

Ensures maximum security in the personal data of your patients

Only an authorized medical professional will have Login access to the sensitive and personal information of the patients, so that no third person should have access to this type of information, such as secretaries of the medical center, administrative staff, and other professionals of the center. Handling of sensitive medical information should be handled by the medical professional.

Protection of personal data of patients by means of encryption

The protection of personal data and clinical patient data must be scrupulously met, so when implanting a medical software is desirable that it be able to encrypt all sensitive information contained in it, so if Loss of data due to theft, misuse, loss of data, or any other reason, the reading of the personal information of patients will be impossible since it will be unreadable.

When the information is encrypted, it is impossible to read it unless a specific key is applied, a password that must only be known by authorized medical personnel, thus guaranteeing the maximum security of the medical information collected in the medical systems implemented. This security measure is widely used to both store and transfer all relevant information or sensitive data, which should not in any case be accessible to third parties.

To perform data encryption should be used complex mathematical formulas or algorithms, while to decrypt the medical software requests a particular key to ensure safety. Encryption or data encryption is a basic aspect that any medical program should have.

State-of-the-art medical software, a commitment to safety

Have a health center in a software for clinical latest generation allow thorough compliance with the law on data protection . In addition, with these types of systems it will be possible to establish a policy of access and permissions perfectly defined for each of the users who will use it.

In other words, you can save a detailed record of each action that is taken by each user, where the IP will be stored as well as the configuration of the computer that executes each action and thus be able to establish who, when and how to access the data Confidential information that is collected and stored in the system.

The security of information, especially medical information, has become a topical issue, since unfortunately, despite the knowledge that many clinics or health centers have about the LOPD (Organic Law on Data Protection), few They know what it really means and, therefore, few adequately comply with these regulations, knowing the harsh sanctions that their non-compliance can entail.

It is important to consider that there is no fear go to a provider of medical software , because every clinic or health center will have its own database and its own software or program, so that is guaranteed at all times The highest possible safety.

Report a medical software in the cloud,  allowing all confidential patient data and medical activity, are stored on a server unique data that has the highest security measures, always being under constant surveillance Armed guards. Rely only on genuine professionals.