March 6, 2017


Choosing an OBGYN is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. This is the person who will be responsible for getting your child a future in the world and helping to take care of his mother along the way. You should not enter this decision lightly. Here are some things to think you are making this decision.

Ask your friends with the kids about your OB / GYN, and if they liked your doctor.

Requesting a catalog from your insurance company will have a list of doctors in your area. Go to the catalog and see what gynecologists / obstetricians are near you. Distance is important because you want a short drive to get to the doctor’s office when you are at work.

Create a list of questions you want to ask your doctor potential.Among the issues to consider include questions about epidural policies and surveillance and baby sections with a fetal cardiac caesarean monitor.

Ask for recommendations and determine which Gynecologist is best for you

Ask friends close to your age for recommendations. Take the advice of your friends seriously, especially if they have had children and offer recommendations for a fantastic ob-gyn.

Ask your primary care physician for a recommendation. Make sure you ask your primary care physician why she recommends a certain gynecologist. Ask for specific comments about the gynecologist she recommends.

Determine which gynecologist or obstetrician-gynecologist you want to see on a regular basis. Weigh your story and personal preferences more heavily. If you feel comfortable seeing a gynecologist, do not bother going to see the one that is male. If you only want to see a gynecologist within 15 minutes of your home, do this. Keep your benefits or budget in mind. Take the peoples recommendations into account.

The search of the hospital with OB / GYN is affiliated. Then you will like the doctor, you may not like the hospital. This could take into account in its decision on whether it is the OB / GYN to use.

Interview and choose your OB / GYN. The best way to make an appointment is to call the doctor’s office and tell the clerk what you are trying to do. Try to schedule a meeting with your doctor immediately.