February 17, 2017

Gunsmithing vocational schools

Gunsmithing is a complex job that involves expertise in the design, construction, customization and repair of firearms. Students are taught craft skills in various fields such as metallurgy, wood and mathematics. There are best gunsmithing school all over the country dedicated to teaching the art of gun manufacturers.

Pennsylvania Gunsmith School

The Pennsylvania School Gunsmith (PGS) offers a Gunsmithing Master’s program as a two-year (16-month) course.The SPG program focuses exclusively on gun manufacturers, allowing students to learn in an environment with practical training store. The teachers are professional gunsmiths. Areas of study range from weapon repair bases to complex weapon customization.

PGS encourages future students to arrange a visit to the school to meet the staff and see the enrollment of the current curriculum in action. Classes begin every month, except in July and December. Financial aid is available, including federal Pell grants, direct student loans, Workforce Investment Act, and private loan programs. PGS is a member of the Commission of Accreditation of Training Schools and Technology Universities.

Pennsylvania Gunsmith School 812 Ohio River
Boulevard Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202

NRA Short Term Gunsmithing School – Murray State College

The National Rifle Association (NRA) offers short-term armero courses in affiliation with some universities, including Murray State College. Depending on the course of study, classes can last from several days to two weeks and will take place in the spring and summer. The Murray State College course provides training in areas such as the basic operation of the mill and lathe machine, re-firing rifle, stock-making and engraving. You need to provide your own weapons, tools and other supplies for the program.

Accommodation is available on the Murray State campus, and the school must receive fees four weeks before the start of its first class. The NRA is $ 250 scholarships available to qualified students through the ANR Foundation to help cover expenses, including registration fees, tools, and lodging and meals while attending classes.

NRA Gunsmithing Schools
Murray State College
A Murray Campus
Tishomingo, OK 73460

Yavapai College Gunsmithing School

The Gunsmithing Certified Grooming Program at Yavapai Gunsmithing School focuses on custom guns and will prepare you for employment at an established gun store. The school is an accredited institution, with instructors who own and operate a business involved in the field of the pistol. The course of study includes milling, grinding and heat treatment of firearms. Computer assisted drafting, design and assembly of warehouse gun are also part of the curriculum. Yavapai College of Gunsmithing also offers advanced degree programs that prepare students to open their own Gunsmithing business.

Yavapai College
1100 Sheldon Street East
Prescott, Arizona 86301