February 23, 2017

All Secrets of Laser Hair Removal: Is It Safe? Are your results permanent?

Now that the good weather begins, many women remember the uncomfortable hair, which goes something more unnoticed in the cold months, but which now shows itself as an unpleasant guest. Precisely the laser has been making an exception gap between the techniques of hair removal, due mainly to its duration. So, we wanted to dig a little more about this technique, to try to leave things a little clearer in the event that you have ever thought to undergo a laser hair removal treatment. For this we have spoken with Dr. VerĂ³nica Arteaga Lujan, of the clinics Depilhair, who has helped us to know the technique a little better. Do not miss it!

For a layman in the matter, doubts can arise because of the large number of names and publicity, sometimes misleading, that usually surround the subject. Do you think it is essential to trust the opinion and recommendations of a doctor?
Not only the recommendations of a doctor are fundamental, but also the follow-up. Both laser hair removal and non-invasive cosmetic medicine must have continuous medical monitoring and follow-up to avoid endangering the patient’s health. Nowadays there are many establishments that offer hair removal and even facial fillings without medical treatment. This can seriously affect the patient’s health and have permanent negative consequences.

Today, laser hair removal is performed both in medical-aesthetic centers as beauty centers or even hairdressers or gyms. Do you think that a clearer regulation is needed to avoid possible problems?
No doubt regulation is necessary. Keep in mind that the patient is putting his body, his skin and his health in the hands of the person who is laser hair removal. If the epilation is performed by an unprepared person and without medical knowledge, it can produce very serious, often irreversible, injuries.

Parallel to the growth in demand, complaints of minor sequelae (burns, for example) or results that are not expected also increase, where is the problem?
The biggest problem lies in the use of the apparatus by non-professionals and without medical monitoring and control. If the staff that performs the depilation is not certified to use the appliance, that can also end up in burns to the patient. It is necessary to take into account that each patient is a world and that, therefore, before performing the laser hair removal, it is necessary to consult a doctor who examines the patient’s skin, the medications he takes, etc.
The best way to avoid these sequelae is to make sure that the personnel handling the machine is certified for it and that a doctor is following up.

Speaking of the technique itself, are the results permanent?
The results are permanent, as long as the patient performs the sessions when advised, depending on the hair cycle. If the sessions are skipped or too much time is left between them, then the results are delayed. Although the results are 100%, we recommend that, once finalized, an annual session is held, to eliminate the fine blond hair that appears in few occasions.

Is it a safe method?
If it is performed by people certified to handle the laser and under medical follow-up, safety is total. In addition to effective.

For which areas is it specially recommended?
For all. There is no area for which the laser is not advised. It can be used in all areas of the body in any type of skins.

To what extent do skin tone and hair color influence?
With the Soprano laser the tone of the skin and the color of the hair do not influence at all. It is especially suitable for brown skin or blond hair, so it can be used even in summer when sunbathing.

What is the ideal profile for a laser hair removal session?
All types of ages from 14 years, male and female. The only conditions are that 3 days have passed since the last sunbath and that the skin does not have any wounds.

Is it still painful? Have the techniques improved in this regard?
Technology has improved greatly in this regard. With the Soprano laser the depilation is almost painless, although of course it always depends on each person. One person may be more sensitive than another, but the pain is hardly existing.

When do you begin to notice the results?
From the first session you can already see how some hairs begin to grow and fall. With each session the areas are free of hairs, until finally all disappear. It is advisable to follow the deadlines indicated between each session for maximum effectiveness.

What are the latest developments in the field of laser hair removal?
The Soprano laser is the latest news regarding laser hair removal.

The arrival of the Soprano laser has meant a small revolution in the world of the laser?
That’s right, it is the first laser to even depilate brown skin or very blond hair, in addition to allowing the sun to take two or three days. Until the arrival of Soprano, in summer it was impossible to depilate and the people with the hair very blond did not notice any type of effectiveness.

What is the best time of year to undergo a laser hair removal session?
Thanks to the Soprano laser the time of year is indifferent. Many people prefer to do it in winter, but it is a purely psychological issue because at that time they have their bodies covered and they do not care about their hair …

What precautions or precautions should you take once you start with the laser sessions?
First of all let the doctor know if you have any type of skin lesion, if you are pregnant or if you have started taking some type of medication. All this is important because the skin can change and the doctor is the most appropriate to say whether or not to continue the treatment.

Which areas are still the most waxed women?
Today all areas are depilated. The most popular are the armpits, the English and the legs, but other areas such as the linea alba, facial hair, etc. are also very common.

Laser Alexandrite, Diode, Ruby, Neodymium Yag … who is who in the world of laser? Could you make a short summary in a clear and simple way to understand a little more of each type and for whom is more effective?
The difference between all these is the length of the wave:
The Alexandrite is mostly used for dark hair and a medium skin tone, the Diode and is used for dark skin and removes all hair, Ruby is especially suitable for skins Clear and dark hairs and finally the Yag, with the highest wavelength, can be used with any type of skin, although it requires one or two more sessions.

Do you choose the type of laser most appropriate for each person based on their characteristics?
Of course. Before the sessions begin a free medical consultation is given. There, the doctor examines each client and determines which treatment is best for him or her.

Many readers still do not know the differences between photodepilation and laser hair removal. Could we summarize them in a simple way?
The laser has a light that moves in a straight line and is absorbed more accurately. Being more precise, it protects the surrounding tissue and affects only the melanin. That is, it goes straight to the root of the hair, the light does not shoot to other areas of the skin. Photodepilation has a light that moves in all directions, so it is less accurate. It is absorbed in all areas of the skin, so the hair follicle is not attacked directly.

Is laser hair removal also a men’s thing? Are more men going to laser hair removal centers? Which areas are most in demand by them?
Nowadays there is almost no difference between men and women in hair removal issues. In clinics we already have almost the same number of clients in both sexes. Men are aware that they are in their right to take care of themselves and they do it more and more. As in women, all areas are highly demanded, but if you had to choose a favorite, it would be the chest and back, followed by the glutes.